Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Why You Need to Avoid manual Ways to Convert OST to PST?

MS Outlook is a professional email client which serves the best features to their users by providing multiple features that other email clients don’t provide and that makes it unique among different email clients. But sometimes due to technical glitches it mailbox data file becomes corrupted and to fix that corruption, most of the Outlook users opt manual methods to recover their corruptions in Outlook. But there are some consequences that an Outlook user faces while implementing the conversion of OST to PST manually. In this write up we will discuss how to convert OST to PST effectively.

Various Outcome faced by the Outlook users in converting OST to PST manually.
  • Same exchange profile is required
  • Can’t able to recover already corrupt Outlook OST file
  • It takes a lot of time to recover
  • Not suitable for a non-tech guy
  • Incomplete Recovery with a different format
  • No data security Guarantee
  • ·         
 Why use a The OST to PST Converter Software instead of manual ways?

After evaluating some limitations of using manual methods to convert OST to PST, it is clear that manual methods have many complications that anyone can do a mistake between the process. The OST to PST converter Software is the most secure and reliable way to recover OST files from corruption as this software can assure you the complete recovery of your Outlook data error. This software provides the fastest conversion of Outlook OST file into PST.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

How to Recover my Inaccessible OST file?

OST is default storage file format which is used by the Outlook email application. Outlook is one of the conspicuous email service used on a worldwide level. It is a desktop based email client which provide the quality of services to its users. OST is a unique format which is used to store calendars, contacts, emails, tasks and other things. OST file automatically created while configuring the Outlook profile and stores in the local device of users. It allows users to work on offline mode or without internet connectivity.
Howbeit, a number of times Outlook users came across with several errors, Consequently, OST file becomes inaccessible. Reason for inaccessibly of OST file depends on various factors but the common ones are mentioned below:
  • Software related problems.
  • Unexpected hardware failures.
  • Odd termination.
  • Application halt.
  • Server failure.
  • Virus Attacks.

Why Convert OST file into PST Format
Outlook OST is loaded with countless features and benefits for users, it has some major drawback also. The functionally of Outlook application is very complex. Consequently, technical errors occur on regular intervals, due to this OST file get corrupted and go to the inaccessible mode. In order to recover the OST file data, it needs to convert into PST format through the conversion process.
Regain access of Inaccessible File with OST to PST Conversation Process
In order to get back the file, there is a number of manual methods are available which helps to retrieve the data. Some are described in the below section:
Import and Export
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook in the local device.
  • Move to the right corner and tap Menu, pick Import and Export
  • Now tap on the Export file option and click Next button
  • Now select the Outlook Data File (.pst) and tap on the Next
  • Choose the folder exported folder
  • Browse and create or choose the destination for exported file, now click on the Finish button
Archive method

  • Start with opening the Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on the File option and choose Archive
  • Choose your file or folders to archive
  • Select the location to save the archived file
  • At last click on the Finish button

Conversation Using OST Recovery Software
Above mentioned are some basic and important manual which helps to recover the data from the inaccessible OST file. But these methods have some major drawbacks, these are beneficial only if you are from the technical background. Apart from these ScanOST is also a handy option for users. It is an inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft in order to troubleshoot OST file issues.
However, manual methods are very time consuming, you need to the patient until the process gets completed. For a fast and effective solution, you can opt for OST to PST converter tool. There is a number of third-party OST recovery software’s are available to give an appropriate solution for inaccessible OST file. However, choosing the best recovery tool for your issue can be a hectic task as the list of tools is very long. But you can use OST to PST converter which is the best tool and standalone with top quality features.
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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Why OST to PST Conversion is Needed?

Microsoft Outlook is the best email service application for capacious business organizations. Most of the organizations use Outlook as their default email service, due to its extensive features. It is highly recommended email service due to its working ability on offline mode. OST and PST files are responsible for the functioning of Outlook in the absence of Exchange server, and this makes it unique among other email clients. 
Every Outlook user has an account of Microsoft exchange server. When an Outlook profile is configured with an exchange server, Outlook creates a file to save the data, which user access while offline mode. That file is called OST file (Offline storage table), generally, it is a cache file linked with Microsoft account. An OST file holds all the mailbox data in offline mode on the local system. 
In case, internet connectivity is missing or facing any interruption, Outlook users can continue their work with the help of OST file. Later it synchronizes all offline data into the exchange server. The OST files work simultaneously with the Outlook PST files, therefore it keeps users’ mailbox up-to-date with emails, attachments, delivery reports and more.
OST file has many features but it is also vulnerable to the technical glitches, which demands the conversation of OST file into PST format. A PST is a profile based file, you can access its data by opening the Outlook profile. 

Why Do You Need to Convert Outlook OST to PST?

There are various reasons, which leads to OST file conversion into PST format. Some are mentioned below:
Exchange Server Interruption
The ms-exchange server can suddenly crash due to power failure, malicious software, virus attacks, or some other reason. A simple crash could land you in trouble as you might not be able to connect to the MS Exchange Server. 
Exchange Server Crash
Sometimes, Exchange server crashes without prior warning, it may occur due to several reasons such as power failure, malicious software, virus infection and more. Usually, such situations are very complicated and hard to jumble through. 
OST files allow users to send or receive and perform a various activity on emails even when you are not connected to Exchange Server. Once the connection re-establishes, all your offline work gets synchronized with the Exchange Server. However, the OST file gets corrupted and users’ data become inaccessible. Normally, an OST file gets corrupted because of below reasons:
Deleting the Outlook profile accidentally 
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Software issues
  • Hardware failure
  • Corruption in Database
  • Server collapse
  • Virus infection
  • Inadequate storage space
  • Network problems
  • Wrong settings
Hence, converting OST file into PST format is the wiser option to retrieve data from the inaccessible file.

The OST to PST converter tool

There are several manual ways to convert an OST file into PST format. But, using the manual method without much technical knowledge, it may cause the permanent loss of data. The OST to PST conversion process needs an expert tool which can effortlessly convert OST file into PST format. Moreover, there is various OST to PST converter available on the web. The best option is to go for a consistent and verified professional tool like OST to PST Converter.